A team of dedicated professionals, we are ready to deliver impeccableu003cbr/u003e quality and immersive experiences for the new media realm.

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The project integrates a large database and set of zooplankton samples with image capture and internet technologies.

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We are innovative

Creating unparalleled level of user immersion and RPI conversion statistics, our team always push the envelope.

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We are evolving

Promote community accelerates the principle of perception, realizing the social responsibility of business.

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Bas van der Veer
Bas van der Veer
Olympics Committee
Fortaleza 2020
Identity, Print
Motion, Web Design
3D Arch Decor

What is Daisho?

The daisho is a Japanese term for a matched pair of traditionally made Japanese swords worn by the samurai.

The concept of the daisho originated with the pairing of a short sword with whatever long sword was being worn during a particular time period.

Daisho mode provides flexible and responsive project grid for your portfolio showcase.

You can configure this drag-down tab to display any information or disable it in WordPress admin panel settings.